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Slacknet(parent company) take privacy very seriously. Please read this privacy policy for more information.

Topic Coverage

This privacy policy covers this web site (Slacknet) and web sites that are a part of its network (as listed on the networks). All other web sites linked from or to here or other web sites in the network do not apply.

Collected Information

Slacknet collects various pieces of information from both anonymous individuals and also registered members. Keep in mind, none of this information is sold or given to any third party or used to communicate unsolicited advertisements via email or otherwise.

  • All connections to pages on the web site, whether anonymous or by registered members, are logged. This includes IP address, referrer, and request. This is a part of the same kind of logging of information most web services have.
  • When an individual registers, we collect email address, username, IP address, birth date, and depending on information entered on one's profile, name, gender, occupation, and other listed information.
  • Our service automatically logs the IP address of every login, every post made, every report, and so forth. This provides preventative measures against spamming and flooding of our services.
  • We use the above information to help customize the user's experience, improve our services, contact the user, and conduct in-house research.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Believe it or not, many people still believe that if they post something to their public blog, only their friends will see it. Contrary to such beliefs, information posted to the Internet is available to everyone who can access the Internet. We provide the ability to hide and control access to all pieces of submitted information, but we cannot control what a user post to the public.

  • As noted above, all information posted to the public, is public. If a user does not want everyone on the entire planet to see something, then he or she must post it privately or only to friends.
  • We only provide others with submitted information if one allows us to or the following applies:
    • If issued a subpoena, court order, or anything else related to legal process, especially anything to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend ourselves against legal claims;
    • If we believe it is necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, fraud, situations involving threats, violations or suspended violations of Slacknet's terms of service, or as otherwise required by law.


Slacknet may set and access cookies on a visitor or user's computer to customize experience. If one disables or rejects cookies, the experience may be hindered.


Slacknet and its parent company may at any time, change, update, or remove any content from this privacy policy without prior notification. Generally, however, we announce all major updates to our policies.