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FAQ - Basic

What is IRC?
IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is one of the world's oldest real-time chat systems. Like most other modern chat services people can speak in public chat rooms (channels) or privately (messages). 
Are bots/warez/child porn/flooding/bot nets/etc allowed on your servers?
No, they aren't, see our Rules page. Also be sure to check the MOTD (/motd) of each server to find out rules pertaining to a specific server.
What is an extremely concise history of Slacknet IRC Network?
It was a network started sometime in the late 90s, then it went away for various reasons. In the year 2001 it was brought back shortly after it's first death and lasted until a group of major servers decided to leave and form their own network (which no longer exists by the way) which left Slacknet crippled and it never could recover. In June 2006 it was brought back yet again from a company founded of the same name, however powered by the users. Finally in late 2007 Slacknet Communications was purchased by Orange Tea and remains that way today.
Can I link a server to Slacknet?
If you're interested in doing this you should see the link application for further information.
Does Slacknet support hiding hosts/host mangling?
Yes, you can mangle your host by typing: /mode yournick +x
Who runs Slacknet IRC Network?
A centralized committee of server owners and operators vote on all issues and run the network together.
Does Slacknet have Services? (ChanServ, NickServ, etc.)?
OperServ (operators only), HelpServ, BotServ, MemoServ, HostServ, ChanServ, and NickServ. For more information see the Services FAQ.