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Slacknet IRC Network has existed, on and off, for about 20 years. It came about around the year 2001 as a small network of friends. It slowly grow over the next two years into a modestly sized network of about 26 - 30 servers. However in late 2002 the network split over the issue of services.

One side did not want services (MusIRC) and the other side did (which is who we are), and unfortunately because the majority of servers went with the other network, much of the users did too. A couple of years later, the network split in half (the other into Freedom IRC), this time over the issue of channel modes +q and +a, which was resolved, however because the IRCd would not accept an ident with invalid characters from a friend of a server owner, they decided to split. Joke's on them though, because none of them exist anymore and the other networks are dead!

In 2007 the network began to grow again with the addition of some new communities such as #cherubi, and we later linked with Rabid-Duck, and for a long time it was a slow toboggan ride straight to hell for everyone, them especially.

Today Slacknet is still modest in size but growing at a steady rate. We'll see what happens next.