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Chat - Quotes - Quote #783

<wahrheit> just like nrr being a f urry
<wahrheit> TOP SECRET.
<wahrheit> <nrr> i feel rejected about my hobbies
<wahrheit> <nrr> i just want to be normal
<wahrheit> <nrr> and NOT FUCK ANIMALS
<wahrheit> <nrr> but..... cats are so cute!
<wahrheit> real log, not joking
<polite> where'd you get that?
<wahrheit> a real log that i fabricated
<wahrheit> YOU'VE BEEN HAD
<polite> It seems highly probable
<wahrheit> I wouldn't be surprised if he fucks cats
<polite> I thought it meant fuck animals metaphorically
<wahrheit> peta would be all over him like hot sauce on a burrito
<polite> and a burrito on a fat man's shirt
<wahrheit> LOL
<wahrheit> clever
<wahrheit> if we ever did stand up comedy
<wahrheit> we'd kick ass


<&nrr> <~wahrheit> My boyfriend is asking me to suck him off.
<polite> <&nrr> My dog always gets sucked off by me
Dec 11 @ 10:30